How it looked in my imagination. The reality is a lot more down to earth (and green).


Hello and welcome to project Bratwurst! (or Bratty for short, ratty Beemer) This was my entry for the Practical Performance Car £999 challenge 2010 held at Santapod on 17th September.

For those of you not in the know, Practical Performance Car magazine is the only real world monthly car building/modifying magazine out there worth buying on a regular basis and there £999 challenge is a recent annual event, a bit like a top gear challenge but motor sport based.

For more details on the magazine (from now on referred to as PPC) click on the link:
Practical Performance Car magazine


The Challenge

The challenge is simple, you're allowed a budget of up to £999 (of your own money sadly) to buy and modify the car of your choice to compete in two challenges. These challenges are:

Drag Race
Handling Course

Some details of the challenge are viewable through the respective option on the left hand side of this web-page or for the official website visit the link below.

PPC £999 Challenge 2010


The Car

1991 BMW 525i SE
M50B25 Engine: 2.5ltr straight 6, DOHC and 24 valves. Non-Vanos (Variable valve timing thingy).
Approx 189bhp @ 5900rpm and 184lbs/ft @ 4200rpm when new according to wikipedia.
Weight : 1.48 Tonnes


The car was given to me November '08 as a spares car for my then daily driver '92 BMW 518SE and is even the same colour (the BMW alongside it is my old daily driver). The car was at the end of it's working life and in very shabby condition. The only parts of any use to me for spares were the electric window mechanisms and the four wheels as they had reasonable tyres on them. Everything else was either worn out or broken. However it does have a nice engine and it is rear wheel drive. Oh, and it was free!

In order to make things a bit fairer and give the car a value I took it along to the local breakers Noons Vehicle Dismantlers for an evaluation. The theory behind this being that although not everyone is in the position to receive a free BMW, there's nothing stopping anyone from buying one from a scrapyard. I also wanted to see how much it weighed before I started stripping it out.
The car weighed in at 1.48 Tonnes. This was with a near empty fuel tank. At present values (21/11/08) that gave the vehicle a scrap value of £59. The dealer later added that he'd give me another £20 for the alloy wheels giving a total of £80. This leaves a substantial amount of the £999 budget left to play with (minus another £5 for getting it weighed) which might seem an unfair advantage to some but bearing in mind that I have very little funds, a young family to support and two other projects all demanding there cut of my finances I can't see me getting anywhere near the maximum budget in my total spend!

As you've probably already figured out, the projects progress will be recorded in stages that will be accessable through the options down the left side of this web page.


And Finally

The name, why 'Project: Bratwurst'? Well, it's not entirely my own idea, I shamelessly stole the idea for the projects name from a member of the PPC forum by the username Crogthomas with his project sausage. He has a 1988 1.0 Nissan Micra project car affectionately named ‘Sausage’ by his girlfriend, “because it’s an old banger”. I liked it and decided to copy it but with an added germanic twist! I hope he doesn't mind and hopefully I will ease any injustice felt by including a link to his projects page here:

Crogthomas's Project Sausage