The first stage of the project is assessing just what I've got to play with. This section will be tweaked, ammended and updated until the full starting condition of the project vehicle has been assessed.
As already stated, I have had the car weighed to get a starting point for the vehicles weight. This turned out to be a fairly hefty 1.48 tonnes.
Next on the list should really be a power run at the local rolling road to see how well (or not) the engine is presently performing. I'm sure it's down on power as I had to work it hard to keep up with a slightly chaved up mk5 Escort charging up a hill leaving a 30mph zone! However, this whole project is about minimal outlay (and in my case effort due to other more demanding projects).
That leaves the fault list. Oh well, here goes:


Body & Fittings

Dent in front off side wing causing interference with drivers door.
Torn seat covers and worn head liner.
Dog eared external body trim and ill fitting front panels.
Loose rear spoiler.
Slow intermittent door mirrors.
Rear view mirror in glove box!
Spare key snapped of in passenger door.
Only remaining key will not fit drivers door so the car cannot be locked.
Minor rust bubbles on front wings.
Rusted jacking points (found later).
Rusted rear seatbelt mounts (found later).
Rusted rear off side sill (found later).



Fluid leaks from engine.
Suspect over fueling - dirty injectors?
Loose sensor hanging on wire from engine loom, suspect knock sensor?
Vague steering and steering wheel center offset.
Vibrations through steering and body at all speeds - wheel balancing?
Suspension clonks and suspect handling - possibly caused by above?
Inactive ratchet on hand-brake so will not stay on.
Major vibration through steering and body under heavy braking from speed.
Suspect loose baffle in exhaust.
Strange loud hissing from drivers foot well with engine running at idle.
Radiator shot. (found later)



Major electrical short flattening fresh battery within a few hours with ignition off.
Instrument cluster not fully operational (minor warning/info displays).
Central locking system apparently suspect (unable to prove).

Oh, and it's probably a bit lardy for the auto-test


The Good Bits:

It was very cheap (i.e. free but worth £80 scrap with alloys).
It has a nice looking 2.5ltr straight 6 DOHC 24 valve engine.
The brake discs look fairly recent.
It's rear wheel drive.
All four electric windows work well (for fitting to my daily driver 518).


The contents of this website are purely a reflection of my own experiences and knowledge gained whilst working on my various projects. Anything you do based on what you have read here is done so entirely at your own risk.
Personally I wouldn't trust someone like me with a lawn mower! You have been warned! Flapper-bat!

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