'82 Sporty Corty!

This section covers my beloved Cortina and some of the work I carried out on her. Sadly due to the arrival of my first born (she brought my daughter home from the hospital) and all that a young family brings with it, she ended up on the back burner for a large number of years. That coupled with the fact that I also had a certain (not nearly as cool) Escort to finish has meant that this car has simply been left behind. Therefore it is now being prepared for sale in the hope that she will go to someone who is in a position to finish her and return her to the road.

Photo Gallery
Pictures of the car taken when I first aquired it. Sadly it's not nearly so tidy looking now.





Cosworth Conversion
Details of all that's involved in converting to 2.9ltr 24 valve Cosworth V6 power! (including the electrics)





Brakes Upgrade
How to improve the front stoppers. Recomended if you have carried out the above conversion!





Stealthy Stereo Install Fitting your shiny new head unit out of site to prevent against broken glass from theives and to preserve that period feel to your interior.