Escort Upgrades - Bodyshell & Electrics


There are a number of differences in the wiring looms between the Mk 3 & 4 cars. Although they are of similar general arrangement they use different connectors for a lot of the switch gear and additional equipment. Both cars had similar levels of additional equipment available but the mk4 gained options for heated windscreen, trip computer and on the Cabriolet model, a power roof.
Some of the higher spec Mk 3 cars had a fault computer that was dropped on the later mk4 cars.


General loom routing in the vehicle

All of the additional equipment requires it's own sub-loom, not forgetting the door feeding looms in the door pillars.


The electrical toys are largely transferable between cars, the only real issue being the changing of the electrical plugs used between mk3 & mk4 cars so you may have to replace some plugs with after market items. In my case, as part of the dashboard replacement detailed elsewhere on this site (link further down this page), I replace my entire mk3 loom with a mk4 version and fitted all of the available mk4 toys. As already mentioned, each of the additional equipment options requires its accompanying loom. I would suggest that you just fit all of it that you can get hold of, even if you don't have the working parts to go with it. At least then if you do manage to find the equipment you want to fit the wiring is already there for you.

As far as the bodyshell goes 'upgrades' are a subjective matter but here are some of the alterations I made to mine.


Front Wheel Arch Liners

Help improve your mk3 Escorts chances of survival by retro fitting the wheel arch liners from a mk4.
Also includes the bigger capacity mk4 windscreen washer bottle upgrade.


Locks / De-Locking & Security

Remove those dodgy 80's Ford locks and the thief's have nothing to pick. It also emphasises the fact you have an alarm system fitted.


Door Mirrors

Upgrading manual mk3 door mirrors to full electric mk4 units.


Mk4 Dashboard Conversion

How to fit the Mk4 dashboard into the Mk 3 properly.


Power Roof

The power roof was only available as an option on the Mk4.
Here I show you all you need to know to retro fit a power roof system to your manual hood.


Mk3 to Mk4 Fuel Tank Swap

Going EFi? Or want to retain one key for your Mk3 following a Mk4 Dashboard swap?


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