1985 Ford Escort 'SG200i' Cabrio


Final Spec

Modifications Spec List
Base Vehicle 1985 Ford Escort (MK3) 1.6i Cabriolet

Fully refurbished shell resprayed in two pack to original colour 'Rosso Red'
De-locked Doors
MK4 Front Wheel arch Liners
MK4 High Capacity Screen Wash Tank
MK4 Fuel Tank and Filler Neck
'87 Spec Cabrio Additional Steering Column Brace
RS 1600i Front Chin Spoiler
Hella Spot lamp Grill
Clear Front Indicators

All components stripped, blasted, keyphosed and powder coated
All bushes replaced with Superflex/Powerflex Polyurethane Suspension Bushes
Series 1 RS Turbo Adjustable Front Tie-Bar Suspension System
Orion Rear Anti-roll Bar (non fitted as standard)
Chassis Dynamics progressive lowering springs (-30mm)
AVO Adjustable (10 positions) Sports Shock Absorbers
(Above two part of AVO handling package specific to the Cabriolet)

Orion mk2 1.6i Master Cylinder (Larger Bore)
Sierra 4x4/Series 2 RS Turbo Front Calipers and Discs
Braided Brake Hoses

Engine & Transmission
Rebuilt 2.0ltr Zetec ('96 Mondeo) modified with Escort 1.8 Zetec parts to fit
Gas flowed head, EGR removed
Mk 1 Focus inlet manifold & 2.0ltr throttle body
Recon mk3 XR3i gearbox with Series 2 RS Turbo final drive ratio and limited slip differential

'87 Orion 1.6i Ghia Wiring Loom
Central Locking
Electric Windows
Electric Mirrors
Heated Front Screen
Trip Computer
Solenoid Boot Release
Integrated Alarm System with remote engine start

MK4 Dashboard and Steering Column
Dashboard, Sill Covers, Centre Console and Kick Panels coloured Black
MK4 Inner Door Latches
Series 2 RS Turbo Recarro Front Seats

The cars fate

The car finally past that MoT, just a lot later than planned. It was complete, but it needed a lot of finishing off work carrying out. The paint had got a bit flat and the seats never did get re-trimmed. Although I was happy with the car I had other projects on the go (the yellow Scimitar) not to mention a house and garden that needed a lot of work (they still do). So as it was likely the Escort was going to end up being parked up which would have done it no favours, I decided it would be best for it to find a new owner who could focus on it and make it really shine. So it went up for auction in 2017 on our favourite online auction site.

Below is a video I took of the car in preparation for the sale.

Live Action Video

Recorded on shaky old technology with appalling sound reproduction...

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