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Welcome to the Ford Escort MK3&4 survival and improvement website!


My own project car and the subject of this part of the website.


Hello and welcome to the site. This was originally a website in its own right and was set up as a result of hours (by that I mean years) of bashing my knuckles whilst working on my own vehicle and trying to fit parts to it from other later cars. I had been building and modifying my own mk3 Escort for quite some time and incorporated into it many of the updated features of later cars. I therefore discovered first hand the many problems and pitfalls that lie behind even the simplest of upgrades and know how to overcome them. As there appeared to be a lot of interest in these subjects, I have decided to set up this site so that anyone else planning similar conversions can learn from my experiences and hopefully help solve a few headaches. (what a hero!)

However, this was some time ago now (best part of twenty years ago!) so a lot of the alternative parts will now be scarce. Due to the rising values of original Mk3 Escorts you may not want to modify your car now. I have also seemingly lost a large number of the original images some time in the past so some sections are rather thin on photos for which I apologise.
But this site still provides an interesting nostalgic trip to what we were doing to these cars at the turn of the century.



Standard fit parts and alternative options.



Ratios, Mountings and LSDs



Raiding the Ford parts bin.


Bodyshell & Electrics

Issues, Improvements and Modifications.


Suspension & Steering

More Ford parts bin raiding and why the M3 Escort was better.

Ford Escort Mk3 SG2000i

The start of this section of my website, my own project car, the Hairdresser Chariot itself, the mighty SG2000i
SG200i? Yes, like the RS1600i but with my initials (as I built it) and the new engine size.
Click on the image below to be taken to the exciting back story.


The contents of this website are purely a reflection of my own experiences and knowledge gained whilst working on my various projects. Anything you do based on what you have read here is done so entirely at your own risk.
Personally I wouldn't trust someone like me with a lawn mower! You have been warned! Flapper-bat!

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