1971 Reliant Scimitar SE5 GTE
4-Speed Manual with Overdrive
Nevada Yellow (but let's just call it Mustard)

As bought from a young chap in Christchurch near Bournemouth. I have been lusting after one of these slightly quirky looking plastic pigs for a number of years now.

Near-Side Roll-Over Hoop to Chassis location


Off-Side Roll-Over Hoop to Chassis location - a bit corroded, but the only corrosion I could find.


Filter looks a bit naff but certainly sounds fruity!



The Good:

I have so far failed to find any rust on the chassis or out-riggers.

The body-shell has no signs of problems regarding rust of the internal steel sections.

There are no visible note-worthy cracks in the body-shell.

The engine appears to be in very good health with very good indicated oil pressure and easy starting.

Recent Spax rear shock absorbers.

It came with a set of Superflex bushes for the front suspension and a galvanised bolt in replacement front nose support cross-member.

It's Tax Free!!!!!


The not so good:

The corroded off-side bottom end of the roll-over bar.

The window seals are perished.

All four seats require replacement.

The steering is very stiff - suspect trunnions.

Gear selection is bad and Overdrive doesn't work.

Front edge of doors are broken - check strap plate pulling through.

Various electrical gremlins - Horn, Rear Wash/Wipe, Heated Rear Screen (well come on, it's a 41year old fibre-glass car, what did you expect?).


Oh, and I found this hiding in the near-side boot trough:


First Impressions:

I am very happy. Very very happy. In fact I grin every time I look at it and get all school-boy like every time I start it.

Let the fun begin!