1971 Reliant Scimitar SE5 GTE
4-Speed Manual with Overdrive


A bit of old school specialist low(ish) volume British manufactured mini muscle car!
For those that don't know, the SE5 was the first generation of the sporting estate shaped Scimitar and possibly the first of the breed full stop.
It has a seperate steel chassis with fibreglass (or composite if you want to get all modern and impress people down the pub) bodyshell.
Front suspension is double wishbone lifted from the Triumph TR6 with coil-overs and the rear uses a live axle but it's four-linked with two pairs of trailing arms and incorperates a watts linkage, also with coil-overs
What that all means is that it has the best possible system for live axle location.
The engine is actualy classed as 'Forward mid-mounted' being sat low down between the chassis rails behind the front axle line. This gives the chassis the best balance available to it.

So in summary, Reliant really went to town with the Scimitar to produce a proper four seater sports car with all the right bits.
The later SE6 range, as with many car models, got a bit bigger and flabbier and became more touring biased than sports biased but still retained the core ingredients.
My one though is the earlier five star leaded sports version!

So that's what it is, here's what I've done with it:

Initial Purchase & First Year


After one wonderfull year of awesome ownership I decided to give her a present (thanks Den, very much appreciated)

One funky Space Cowboy for one funky old sports car!