AJ-V6 Accessories and Drive


My engine as I got it, minus power steering pump and air-con compressor.

The accessories attached to the standard Jaguar AJ-V6 in S-type trim are all driven by a single multi-grove serpentine belt and include:
Water Pump
Power Steering Pump
Air-con Compressor
How many of these you use and where you locate them will of course depend on your own application.
Of the above list, only the Alternator is the minimum required. The water pump is separate from the engine and as such could be replaced by an electric unit which I am considering doing myself in the future.

My resolutions to these components may not suite your particular application but their principles might help inspire your own work arounds.

Relocation Options
For my application in the Scimitar the standard alternator position will foul on the chassis leg so I have had to relocate it. This means I am also going to have to think carefully about the routing of the accessories drive belt, but more on that later.
As the standard alternator is bolted straight to the block it is going to be easier to revert to a more traditional style alternator that bolts to a bracket. That will allow me to make my own bracket picking up on whatever convenient tapping's in the block that I can find in its new location. It also means I coul use it to tension the belt in the traditional manner.


Lovely pair! Original on the left, replacement on the right.
Note direction of mounting bolt holes.

The best location I found for the Scimitar was slightly higher up on the LH side of the block. Some people, notably those using an X-type sourced engine, have mounted the original alternator on a plate in front of the engine facing backwards. But I personally prefer my chosen solution.


Power Steering Pump & Air-con Compressor

I'm afraid that as I have no need for either of these I have no information on them so cannot help you there. Sorry.


Pulley C - This is the original smooth faced belt tensioner pulley removed from the sprung arm and bolted directly to the block where the tensioner arm was originally fitted. A metal sleeve was required to account for the larger internal bore of the pulleys bearing and a debris guard was cut down to fit under the bolt head.


With everything fitted the belt is tensioned in the traditional manner via the alternator sliding bracket.


The belt has good purchase around half of the crank pulley, half of the alternator pully and two thirds of the smooth water pump pulley.
Job done!


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