1982 Ford Cortina 2.0 Ghia

I bought this car in 2004 not long after meeting my future wife. It was in very tidy condition and is one car I regret altering and eventually selling unfinished as project Wife & Kids took over.

There were two main projects pursued on this vehicle, click on the photos to be taken to the relevant sections:


Cosworth 2.9 BOA V6

Drops straight in!.... almost. Then you have to decipher the wiring...
This section is mostly applicable to any vehicle but was carried out on this Cortina so all of it is relevant.
With hindsight I wouldn't have done it. This engine is too heavy and spoils the handling. I would have gone for a modern four cylinder and 5-speed gearbox. Or if I were to do it now, the all alloy Jag V6 I'm fitting to the yellow Scimitar.


Front Brakes Upgrade

Contemporary bakes upgrade using Capri 2.8i vented front discs and Granada mk2 front callipers. 

The engine conversion was a bit too ambitious at the time considering the limited time and funds available due to bringing up a young family. Coupled with the fact that the car was not at home and so could not easily be worked on ad-hoc the project dragged on over a considerable period of time during which the car started to deteriorate. For this reason, once the actual engine conversion was complete and it was capable of moving under its own new power, I put it up for sale so that someone with more time available could finish it off.


The contents of this website are purely a reflection of my own experiences and knowledge gained whilst working on my various projects. Anything you do based on what you have read here is done so entirely at your own risk.
Personally I wouldn't trust someone like me with a lawn mower! You have been warned! Flapper-bat!

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