Ford 2.0ltr Zetec

The Ford Zetec was manufactured from the early 1990's and is a conventional four cylinder engine comprising of a five main bearing cast iron block, a twin--cam 16 valve alloy cylinder head, hydraulic cam-followers and a conventional cam-belt. It is available in three sizes, 1.6ltr, 1.8ltr & 2.0ltr.
There is also a 1.25ltr Zetec fitted to some Fiesta's but these are merely a re-badged Mazda engine and so bare no resemblance to the larger Zetecs.
Thanks to Ford standardising the bell housing size and bolt pattern across there range of engines and gearboxes, the Zetec can be mated up to most Ford gearboxes but care must be taken when selecting a flywheel.
All versions came with full electronic engine management and fuel injection. There were no carburettor options and there is no distributor drive.


The Zetec comes in a few different flavours as it was developed during it's production run. The engine being referenced to and fitted in this guide is the common Zetec-E. This is the standard Zetec engine fitted to most Escorts and Mondeos of the 90's. There are some minor differences to some of the parts between Escort sourced Zetecs and Mondeo sourced Zetecs that are covered later in this guide.
Pre '94 engines apparently suffered from sticking valves due to a shoulder formed in the valve stem during manufacture fouling on the valve guide. Most engines should however have been rectified by now.

Later engines from the Focus are very similar and the induction system is interchangeable but they aren't ideal when being transplanted into a front wheel drive Escort or Fiesta as they use a new block design resulting in a physically longer engine. They also use smaller width main bearings and so may not be as strong as the original engines.


Getting to know the Zetec

I stripped and rebuilt my Zetec and whilst I don't intend to document the rebuild here I will include a collection of photos to give you some familiarity with the engine.


Zetec Parts Options / Swaps

There are some differences between Escort and Mondeo sourced Zetec engines which could be of benefit to your application.
For fitment to the Escort mk3/4 the all of the Escort sourced parts covered in this section are required.


Engine Mounts

This is obviously bespoke to your own application but if you happen to be fitting the engine to a mk3/4 Escort then read on.


Installing The Engine

This section is obviously mk3/4 Escort specific.



Wiring up the Ford EEC IV engine management system (with PATS).


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