Project: Bratwurst - Budget

As stated, this car was built to compete in the Practical Performance Car magazines £999 challenge.
As such, a record of expenses has been kept and is reproduced here.

1991 BMW E34 525i


Given to me for free but to keep in the spirit of the competition I took it to the local breakers for a valuation.
It weighed in at 1.48t which at the time gave it a value of £59.20
Plus £20 for the four alloy wheels.
Plus £5 charge for weighing it.



Used radiator £25
Wheel balancing £17

Materials for Modifications


Acrylic sheet for windows £60
Plastic for door cards £20
Used bucket seats (not used) £10
Harnesses (not used) £???
Door Mirrors (not used) £10




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