Project: Bratwurst - Modifications

Depending on available funds (not to be confused with remaining budget!) this section might be a bit brief! The initial and possibly most substantial modification of course is the weight loss program but others are planned. It just depends whether I can afford them or not.

But three things happened that put paid to the idea.
1) There is insufficient space on a right hand drive car for the exhaust pipe to exit past the block without fouling on the steering column.
2) I ran out of time.
3) I didn't have enough money for all the rest of it anyway.
So my boosted aspirations remained just a pipe dream.



As this is a subject in itself it gets its own section.


The contents of this website are purely a reflection of my own experiences and knowledge gained whilst working on my various projects. Anything you do based on what you have read here is done so entirely at your own risk.
Personally I wouldn't trust someone like me with a lawn mower! You have been warned! Flapper-bat!

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