Cosworth BOA - Cooling

The engine has five connections to be accounted for, three at the front for the actual cooling (two from the thermostat and one from the water pump) and two at the back for the cars heater.


Thermostat Connections

These are the top hose that plumbs directly into the top of the Radiator and the smaller bore bypass hose. The plumbing of the bypass hose will come down to whatever you are using,so long as it is plumbed back into the cooling system somewhere on the radiator circuit (i.e. not directly back into the engine block).

The pipe I used is from an old Peugeot and has a convenient bleed screw built into it. 


Water Pump / Bottom Hose

Pretty much as in the photo.



When choosing your radiator ensure that the main hose connections are in the same orientation as shown in the photo.

Note that the Essex radiator has the hoses connections in the opposite positions and so will not be suitable unless you have a lot of space for long hose routing.


2 x Heater Connections

As already covered in the Preparation section, the two heater connections are at the back of the engine.


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