Cosworth BOA - Engine Harness / Loom

In the Granada the ECU is mounted behind the glovebox and so the engine wiring loom is laid out to reflect this. Therefore, when transferring everything into the new vehicle, it would be beneficial to mount the ECU in a similar position. That way the loom can be laid out in a similar fashion.

The majority of the connections will be pretty obvious due to the way that the loom naturally lies and the fact that the plugs will not mate with the wrong sockets.
There will be a number of redundant plugs but hidden amongst them are some crucial connections. These are:

1) Ignition switch signal to turn it all on. This is the supply to the 'Power Splice'
2) Rev counter output
3) Fuel pump relay feed and switched earth

The signal for the engine temperature gauge is not actually included in the engine harness, that was part of the vehicle main harness so use your cars existing wiring for that.


Fuel Pump Relay

The two wires (live and switched earth) that operate the fuel pump relay are hidden in this 6 pin oval plug that would have originally been located behind the dashboard near to the ECU. The two pins that are used are the middle pin of each row as seen in the photo.


This rather rudimentary sketch I made at the time identifies the other pins in the plug.

If I find any more of my notes I will update this section but everything required to get the engine running is in here.


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